Open query to artists

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Open query to artists

I don't think anyone will mind:

General Information:

Monetary Compensation: None, contribution only (e.g. no pay)
Credit: Yes
Retain Copyright: Yes
Say in images redistribution rights: Yes
Type: raster graphics
Nature of the images: back grounds, sprites, icons, etcetera.

Those interested in participating, please e-mail me with "Stargella" in the subject line.

About the Project:

Returning home to the luscious world of Freyja, and finding it laid to waste by the evil Viekasiekian Empire. Stargella realising that she is the last able bodied star fighter pilot on Freyja, and must take to the skies in an effort to push the invasion force back into orbit for a final show down...

The games working title, is "Stargellas Revenge". Game play is inspired by the legendary Galaxian, along with its sequels Galaga and Galapus, so it maintains a overhead perspective rather then a flight simulators. I intend for it to be a "Fast, furious, and addicting" example of what the engine can do, before moving on to 'bigger and better' 3D projects.

Since my speciality is engineering, not drawing computer graphics, I'm always open to the ideal of more experienced people helping with the artistic visuals. In fact, some of the prototypes may end up as hand drawn and scanned, if I can borrow my mothers equipment.

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hey spidey, i was really excited about your thread title, but then when i realised it wasnt anything to do with 3d lol i realised this isnt my place.

as you know im a cg artist specialising in 3d for nextgen games n other mediums, i could have been of some use if the project needed 3d artist designers/ level desginers. my personal work is almost coming to an end within a few weeks, so other projects would have interested me. anyways, goodluck with ur work spidey, contact me when ya need a 3d artist n if im free ill see what i can do mate.

i still think we should all, between us create a raven shield 2 lol. id certainly be interested in that, lord knows ive tried to get people onboard for this project but it seems 2 many people these days are more into arcadey games.

anyways a quick question, dont mean 2 hijack your thread but im planning on uploading my website in a few weeks, do you know of a good and cheap web hosting company?

thanks dude

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I won't have need of 3D modelling until the project after Stargella, sorry :'(.

And yes, I might just know someone depending on what you need :-o