Once again I greet you all

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Once again I greet you all

Hell Mates,

this is Ninja from the Swat4 Proving Ground 3 (I started back in 2008)

I just did a quick check in the archives, this is the 4th time I return to your forums after some time to greet you all, to ask how you have been and of course to tell you that I am always ready for some rounds of anything I have at the ready to play.

Since this is actually the first time, I return without the intention of playing SWAT4 with you, I must ask - what is it, that we could play tactically together?

In an Element preferably? Because I would have to go steamshopping for that.

Anyways, Walker added me on steam - I saw DeCapi on the forums, whom I also remember dearly (shoutout to you two) and to every other person reading this:

feel a warm welcome, I am looking forward to playing with you again, getting to know you (again ^^) and having some fun with everyone whom I am not yet acquainted with or whom I may have missed during the time I wasn't on.

I wrote it in the Steamuser section, but I'll post it here too:
feel free to add me on steam, I'm always into tactical co op http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197994271416

Greets Ninja

There is only one Ninja

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Lieutenant Colonel
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Hello Ninja, good to see you

Hello Ninja, good to see you again!

I've just started playing Insurgency, I think it's a pretty decent game, and I hope to see you there. Smile

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Hey there Ninja, good to have

Hey there Ninja, good to have you here.

I have Insurgency too.

22nd [SAS] Elite Virtual Regiment

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The more the beter welcome

The more the beter welcome back Ninja

We face some sliding ninjas with guns and rpg's in Insurgency.. Could be nice to have a tactical ninja in our side.

Played Swat-4 too (not so much tho I was more into Raven Shield) but if you enjoyed Swat4 I'm guessing you'd like Insurgency.

So again welcome back


Who Dares Wins!! Smile