Old classics in Rainbow Six...

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Old classics in Rainbow Six...

First off, to anyone who has never played the original Rainbow Six... now you have no excuse.


I have tested the first Rainbow Six game, and have confirmed that not only does it work under a modern Windows 7 x64 build, it actually still supports the glorious NATO ARMM mod. Sadly, it does not include Eagle Watch, but from what I've seen, those five missions are not a huge loss.

You will probably want to remap the keys, though, as the movement, go-codes, reload, and more are not in the spots you are used to.

This pack also includes Rogue Spear, which I haven't tested yet, but is one of the best. The only problem is it does not have Urban Operations, which is a damn fine expansion.

There is also another game, but I know nothing about it.

For around $8, you can't go wrong.

Now I can replay all my old favorites except for Eagle Watch... even Takedown!


Takedown is actually very, VERY hard... as to be expected from a South Korean game.

The first mission alone involves hostages and a bomb trigger.

It only runs on my XP system, but the old codes from Rogue Spear still work.