Oh no, I just won't shut up.

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Oh no, I just won't shut up.

I've been looking though the forums and I haven't noticed something yet that should be posted.

PlanetSide, the FPSMMO is now free to play for one full year if you go the way of the reserves program.


There is a battle rank (think level) restriction of 6. This allows players to be able to specialize in some sort of field be that aireal combat, ground assault vechiles (tanks and troop transports), advanced medic (allows to revive people), etc. This also allows players access to one implant as well which can be from enemy targeting information, rengeration or running faster for short periods of time.

I'm currently on the Emerald server playing for the Vanu Sov empire. So far most combat zones have been all about the Terran Republic and the New Congolmerate tag teaming the Vanu, which leads to some really impressive and chaotic fights when the TR and NC remember they're mortal enemies. Biggrin


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Ah, Planetside... *Reminiscent gaze*
I used to love this game. Unfortunately, my computer has a little trouble running it (Not enough RAM). I may go back to it, should I ever upgrade my system. It was alot of fun, Counter-strike on a massive scale, with objectives. I was a flyboy, and a damn good one at that. I could fly a reaver in circles around any of those slow-boys in the NC or TR. I loved playing VS, we enjoyed constant air superiority, its the reason the other two factions had to start teaming up on us. I don't remember the server names, so I can't really tell you which I was on, but if you ever find yourself being strafed by reaver rockets, piloted by a flyboy named Bolarro, that's me.


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I am going to try it out.