A New Venue...

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A New Venue...

I can say, "This goes without saying", but...

When the Server was State Side with a 30+ ping, I'm sure SAS had the usual Run and Gun Tango Hunt Spammers in the Server.
And it took some time to weed them out before the Spammers realized the SAS Reputation. After awile, people Knew what the SAS Server was about and stopped bringing thier game, unless they were prepared to play nice..

Well, the tides have turned...
The Server is NOT State side and we are again being Spammed by Run and Gun Tango Hunters with no intention of complying with Co-Op play, the only difference is they speak a different language...and I'm not sure I was just flipped off or not? :?

It will take some time for these New Gamers, who believe they have found A NEW SERVER with a ping less then 30, to realize this is NOT a Modded, run and gun tango hunt server...and we need to re-build a new reputation within a new community...

This is just My Opinion from what I have witnessed in the Past Week :roll:


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I believe that is an excellent observation. No matter where the server was, is or will be located, we will always have the run and gunners. Gentlemen, we have a new garden to tend and it's full of weeds that need pulling. It won't take long to get things the way we want them. It's like moving into a new home. You have to get used to everything--including the new neighbors.

Maybe when we're up to 60+ members we'll have a server box on each side of the Atlantic and two perfectly-weeded gardens in which to plant the seeds for the next decade of [SAS]!


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Oh what a great time for a week off work and a timbo'd set of games xD