New S4 Mod...

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New S4 Mod...

Was browsing around Hot-Swat-Mods and found this article on a new mod that is going to be released in the near future, called S4: Take Down ... looks like a very interesting mod that will hopefully make S4 gaming a lot more easy and convienent, with features such as:

- 50+ primary/secondary weapons
- 7 kit items
- 10 single/multi-player maps
- Customizable body armor
- Multi-player chat lobbies (Special thanks to AlienAbducter)
- Antics integrated anti-cheat system (Special thanks to Rapher)
- Custom skins (Special thanks to ATL)
- 2 New game modes for multiplayer game play
- 10 single/multiplayer maps
- 5 exclusive multiplayer only maps
- Over 6 additional kit items
- New 3rd person view option
- New map developer pack added with full tutorials on several mapping topics and over 1,000 additional static mesh models to be used in the community name a few

Curious to see if anyone in SAS community would ever consider adopting a Mod, such as this, as standard operating feature for the unit?? Mostly because the current mode of SWAT 4 TSS has a ton of tweeks and unrealistic features that aggravate any serious SWAT player Dirol

quick edit wanted to throw in weaps n tactical aids for mod as well...

Standard Primary Weapons:
- Accuracy International .338 Super
- AK 47 (updated model)
- AK 74
- AK 101
- AKS 74U
- Barrett M82A1
- Benelli M3
- Benelli M3 Tactical (updated model)
- Benelli M4 Super 90 (updated model)
- Colt CAR-15 9mm
- Colt CAR-15
- Colt M16A2
- Colt M4A1 (updated model)
- Colt SPR
- Colt XM177E2
- Enfield SA80
- Enfield L85A1
- Famas F1
- FN M249
- Franchi SPAS12
- Hk Fabram
- Hk 23E
- Hk 33A2
- Hk 52A3
- Hk G36 (updated model)
- Hk G36C
- Hk G3A3
- Hk MP10A2
- Hk MP5A2 (updated model)
- Hk MP5SDA2
- Hk MP7-PDW
- Hk PSG-1
- Hk SL8
- Hk SL9
- Hk UMP 45 (updated model)
- Hk XM8
- IMI Galil
- IMI Micro UZI
- IMI UZI (updated model)
- Ingram MAC 10
- Izmash Bizon
- Mossberg 590
- Panchor Jackhammer
- Remington 870
- SIG 550
- SIG 552
- Skorpion CZ 61
- Spectre M4
- Steyr AUG
- Steyr SSG
- Stoner SR-25
- Super Shotty 12g
- ZM Weapons LR300

Standard Secondary Weapons:
- AMT Hardballer
- Beretta M92F
- Beretta M93R Match
- Colt Anaconda
- FN Five-Seven
- Glock 18
- Glock 19
- Glock 27
- Glock 35
- Hk Mk23
- Hk USP .40
- Hk USP .45
- Hk USP Match
- IMI Desert Eagle
- Kahr K9
- Kimber .45
- Smith&Wesson M29
- SIG P220
- SIG P228
- Walther P99

Standard Breaching Weapons:
- Colt M79
- Hooligan Door Ram

Standard Kit Items:
- M67 Fragmentation Grenade
- Mk3A2 Concussion Grenade
- AN-M14 Incendairy Grenade
- C-4A Explosive
- Binoculars
- Ammo Bandolier

Biggrin :idea:


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great news and i like what i read so far except for the weapons as some are repeated with different names or are not correct along with some of the usefulnesses of some tac aids, anyway, it should prove to be quite an interesting new approach

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Well, it's not the equipment that bothers me in SWAT 4 TSS, but rather the AI and specifically it's quickdraw. This is all fixed in the SSF mod.

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Yea I saw it on the site for some days ago. looks very interesting. Then I just dont know if I can install the mod on TG3.


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Ya for this mod the creators emphasized how the were not trying to go for realism with this mod, which is my only big drawback on the TD mod, but still looks interesting...and Rasa I agree SSF mod fixes a lot of AI and gameplay errors but for myself I tend to have crash problems when I use the mod, not sure if its just me or for everyone?

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just for the huge amount of guns, alone, I'll be glad to try it! Dirol

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I always thought that the Colt XM177E1/2 were prototypes of the M4 they field tested in Vietnam in small numbers. I remember hearing some thing about the Surgeon General or some making a stink about them. Because some model had the blast so close to the soldiers ears a few guys damaged their hearing.

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I have never tried a Swat TSS mod untill yesterday. I tried SSF v 3.1 and I must say I was positive surprised. It was a new but also a nostalgic gaming experience. Very good Smile

Is it a theme within SAS to develop a similar mod for Swat TSS?

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good points for if we could just fix the quick draw in RvS.

S4 has quickdraw but RvS has quick draw nearly 100% of the time.

I like extra kit items and versatility, but adding a ton of weapons doesn't add to the experience. The performance of many weapons is so similar, the only benefit is appearance... How cool do I look with this weapon? etc.


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Yeah Random I agree, the creators of the new TakeDown mod, HellBringerTeam, quoted on hot-swat-mods how this mod was made with the players by the players or something like that, and I am not sure if this was necessarily true because most serious S4 players want to see in game/AI improvements not just fancy-shmancy equipment that just gives the game some more eye-candy but we are still left with aggravating effects of poor S4 AI realism and other flaws...but I did get some positive forum feedback with one of the modders from the team, Stigmata. And he said it is very possible to combine what SSF Mod 3.1 has to offer (which is AI/Officer Improvements), along with new perks and equipment features(TakeDown Mod) and create an ultimately satisfying mod for the whole SWAT community....thing is just need a team of people willing to put forth the effort to do so. Dirol


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Currently, SSF mod itself doesn't have a team.

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Reminds me of SWAT3 with the big weapon mod.

MP5 in A3, SD3, A2, SD2, K PDW, K PDW + SD, and Aimpoint scoped versions of each ^_^

I personally liked the MP5A3 9x19mm, AKS-74U+Kobra Scope, and H&K 53 5.56x45mm Smile