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New Fix List

Posting so you have things noted to fix after exams e.t.c. James.

About[SAS] gives a Sorry file does not exist. Since it's not a typical 404 error I'd think it was a place holder file.

Members Section -> Documents needs updating. (See Ops Wing)

Ops Wing -> LiveOps has not been updated since before I was even a P.R.

The Red armpatch is named Blue and vise versa with the Blue from the SAS Team armpatchs.

Suggestion: Could there be a compiled list some where at the end of The Mighty page listing as many past members as possible. Or at lest names of older [SAS]_Vet's be added?

Several names can be fond at the bottom here.

Just touring things.

People please post any thing you find broken or out of wack. James should have things neatly organized when he's done for exams not a sudden influx of E-Mails when he comes home if any thing is found broken ^_^

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I have fixed the About [SAS].

Anything like that which is just broken I want to know about.