My First Announcement as SSM.

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My First Announcement as SSM.

Everyones Attention Please...

It is with the utmost pride that I announce, under recommendation from GCHQ and Lieutenant Colonel Heim the following promotion, effective immediately...

[SAS] Jay : From Staff Sergeant >>> Regiment Sergeant Major.

Jay you have worked so hard... and yes your efforts were certainly being watched... and recorded... and now acknowledged...

Congradulations my friend... do us all proud and lead the TEAM with the same pride and ability as you have in all your previous assignments.

As RSM you are now officially in charge of this Teams efforts in any SWAT 4 tournaments we participate in... I know you will do us proud in your efforts, you always do Wink

If you need any assistance.... just ask... I am one step behind you and one to your right...

Again congrats.

[color=yellow][SAS] 22nd E.V.R. - SAS_VET_EN4CER /[color] Virtus Disciplina Unitas