MVD, ArmA 2 (Downloads Added)

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MVD, ArmA 2 (Downloads Added)

Министерство внутренних дел (MVD) aka Interior Ministry of Russia, is one great unit formed for sole purpose of resolving risky domestic disputes, domestic terrorism and government backed anti-terrorism.

They are similar to SAS in many ways but the two are still different in many tactics and approaches.

I choose this topic because of several things.

I started messing with Arma 2's mission editor recently, and to my surprise it seems very easy for me to create missions. As a result I started making some, 4 so far. Although they are still WIP, I made 2 MVD missions that involve never before seen or used tactics in Arma 2 or any game. Arma 2 is hard on the CQB, Swat 4 is great there, but what about outdoor CQC combat? That's where I jump in.

Are you playing Arma 2? Are you interested in CQC A2 missions?

If yes please let me know, and we may try create some SAS-like missions together. The two MVD missions (more to come later hopefully) are MVD Trapdoor and MVD Barricaded Suspects and they should be finished sometime soon, just after the now tested and cinematic [CO-06] USMC Sweepers is published.

This should help me better understand CQC, mission making, gather more information on weaponry and in-game conversation for both my everyday work and Swat 4 sound patch that is put on hold for some time now.

Also, take a look at this video (MVD force, don't worry, there's no blood and extreme violence) -

:idea: Extras:

I was thinking should I give this away or not. But oh well.

USMC Sweepers voice overs demo:

Three tracks cut but stitched together for demonstration. 1st track is Reaper 61's report-in to HQ, 2nd track is C130 being shot down, 3rd track is insurgency radio communication.

All three tracks as well as other voice overs for Sweepers are 100% digitally made, which means there are no recordings used, or special effect sound clips, it was all made on the spot. Even the speech is a robot (TTS)

Download, listen, delete -

SAS 22 EVR Exclusive Entry Comm Demo:

I made this one in a quick, half hour or so. Once again everything was digitally made, except for the sceaming girl and a guy (dimmed, dubbed, and it's a stock recording of a guy playing with his girlfriend in a field)

Download, listen, keep if you wish. I made it for no special reason -

Comm transcript (it's hard to hear it, made it that way on purpose):

B. - Alpha Go go go!
A. - Going! Cover me!

(Entry, a flashbang echoes, female and male hostages scream, x rays yell in pain and fear, shots fired, and if you listen close you can hear a girl say "Don't hurt them they were good to us!" and then a pistol round drops the last x ray down)

B. - Clear!
A. - Clear!
B. - Who's the best, lad?
A. - SAS 22 Elite Virtual Regiment!
Femcomm. - Hey lads, SAS 22EVR is listening. Do you have a message for them?
A/B - Absolutelly lass! Yeah! Roga!
Femcomm. - Tell them then!
B. - Who dares wins?
A. - Who dares wins!
B. - Ok, this one is over, I think I'll go have a tea.
A. - I'll have a beer!
B. - Roga!

Hope you liked it! Wink

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Regimental Sergeant Major
Regimental Sergeant Major
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Nice audio clips there, Maven! What TTS software did you use?

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Thanks, Master.

I used a VST bundle that comes with Fruity Loops (I can't find the name) the sound generator is able to generate speeches from many characters and then apply many effects like depth, whisper, etc. So I generated speeches with the TTS tool and then used Audacity's LADSPA v2 plugin pack to make those effects.

There are many TTS tools out there, just do a search and you'll find plenty, and they are interestingly very similar. Microsoft also has some for free as far I can remember. (TTS Microsoft Sam is default and comes on all Windows OSes)

Hope thishelps Smile

A small note about the Sweepers demo. I've re-done sound effects for those completely, now they aren't hissy at all, they have some bass and super cool and realistic dispatcher effects added. (done in LADSPA v2 as well)

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Still not interested?

Ok let me try again Lol

My connection sucks atm (That's why I'm so rarely on S4 servers Sad ) so I used that opportunity to mess with sounds and editors. I completed one of the MVD missions, and even though I designed it, I'm surprised. I thought A2 is just for large scale combat, but this changes everything.

The mission is currently being tested on a private server.

Meantime, you can listen to this 5 min MVD Barricaded Suspects Snippet (MVD Officer Helmetcam Rip) WARNING, STRONG SOUND, VIOLENCE. So don't listen if you are soft heart. -

Anyway, the mission has many sound effects designed by me, the only things vanilla are well, the A2 stuff (helo, cars, ak shots) and that's it.

Can you figure out what's happening there?

Also, I found several documents on weaponry sound design and Unreal Engine modding (should be useful for the S4 sound patch so I finally make that thing!) found several A2 scripts that add tactical abilities to A2 such as breaching shotguns, flashbangs, gas grenades, C2's etc. I also found several SAS mods for A2, if you want them check Armaholic.

Hope to see you on the servers soon. I miss S4.

Edit: Forgot to mention, the 5 min snippet is an actual gameplay recording :roll:

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Neato Maven, unfortunatly I dont understand what is being said. You have peaked my interest though Wink


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