Miniature Golf

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Miniature Golf

Be sure to read the directions.

The further away you pull the golf club, the harder the ball is hit.
The little arrows inside the green, is the flow direction of the green.

1st try, first hole, 2 par, I got a 6 par,
2nd hole a 6 par
Started over and got a 3 par 2nd time, 1st hole
Hole-in-one on the 3rd hole

1st 9 holes-a 39, a "Double Bogey" YAAYYAYYY, ok, please quite down the crowd
2nd 9, a 61 :oops:

only those who will IMAGE(

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That reminds me, my OS came with a golf game as part of the desktop enviroment.

Prefer card games & atari arcade myself.

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I scored massively over-par. Fun game though.