Mech Warrior!

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Mech Warrior!

All talk about Mech Warrior - in here!

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OK ... this is definitivly a topic for spidey XD.

Well then I'll make the start.

Which one do you think is the best game of the Mech warrior serie ?
Which is your favourite Mech?
What is your favourite Weapon?

For me Mercenaries and MW3 are the best parts.
My favourite Mechs are: the Mad Cat, Mad Cat 2, the Daishi and the Thunder.
But the Mechs which look best are in my oppinion the Maskari and Mad Cat.
My favourite Weapon are the gaus rifle serie and the x-plus laser serie.

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Best game I would have to say is MechWarrior 2, I never got to play the PC Editions but I enjoyed the demo of MW2:31st Century Combat on the PSX. After playing the MW3/MW4 games I conclude it was better.

My Favorite 'Mech is the Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) hands down, followed closly by the Centurion and Shadow Cat medium 'Mechs. I'm also very fond of the Nova Cat, Atlas, Highlander, Raven and many light 'Mechs. I'm not much of an Assualt person really. The Dasher was my pride and joy for a season when I could run so fast no one could hit me including the best Nova Cat sniper I ever have had the _honor_ of playing with untill MekTek fixed it so it sucked.

My favorite weapons are the Clan ER Lasers, ERPPC and the Gauss/UAC weapons.

Back in the day, me and my friends rocked the house with the best of them. I'm actually proud even if I was the least skilled of the group.

MW3 was nice but to many Laser and STRK boats and uber lag. MW4 was nice but to many Dreadnaughts and poor weapon balence. MW4 it was an "all big guns" or "shredder" style setup. I enjoyed both sniping and infighting with the ability to snipe fast light 'Mechs at long range. Going 1-on-2 with my friends in my light 'Mech usually got me owned because unlike our Op4 they knew how to aim Smile

If I had to choose a personal 'Mech out of battle tech it would be ether the old Centurion (LBX10, LRM10, 2x MedLaser) or the Timber Wolfs Delta variant (2x ERPPC, 3x STRKSRM6). I'd also be classified as a MechWarrior of the Federated Suns that fought the Clans on their own terms and retired after long service with his captured Timber Wolf to form a Merc company Smile

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"or the Timber Wolfs Delta variant (2x ERPPC, 3x STRKSRM6)"

Thats 2x ERPPC, 1x ER small laser, 2x SSRM6 and 2x SSRM6(R) you lousy spheroid! The Timber Wolf "Pryde" was cool too. It swapped one double heat sink, both MGs and the medium pulse laser for 1 ER small laser and jump jets.

I was always a clanner when I played Btech. I liked the Jade Falcons for crusaders, and the Ghost Bears for wardens. Like you guys, I always liked the Timber Wolf. I have one of the old original TW miniatures, but a couple years back got one of the new molds, very nice, it's alot bigger. I have so many other clan favs, Warkhawk, Executioner, Summoner, Hellbringer, Stormcrow, Firemoth and of course Elementals! Turkina is kinda cool too. For IS stuff, I like the AXM-2N Axeman (the one from the animated series), the Mauler, Bushwacker, Wolfhound, Awesome, Penetrator. Probobly some I am missing..

MW2 and MW3 were nice because they followed the Btech game rules. Just about any configuration you could find in a sourcebook or TR you could create in the game. The MW4 series has nice graphics, but it uses that kinda dumbed down "slots" setup. Still, MW4:Mercs was pretty good.

Did you guys ever play MechCommander? That too did'nt use strict Btech rules, but it had REALLY good gameplay and equipment management. It was a fantastic game, I still install MechCommander Gold from time to time and play. They shot themselves in the foot with MechCommander 2 though. Completely did away with some of the important gameplay features that made MC1 so good, then NEVER released ONE patch to fix the many issues the game had, despite saying they were on it repeatedly.


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I forgot the 3x is the Ammo not the launchers hehehe. Been awhile since I've used any thing but Dual ERPPC & Light Gauss Rifles on a Timber Wolf.

Heat Sinks 15(30) ER PPC LA ER PPC RA Streak SRM-6 LT Streak SRM-6 RT Streak SRM-6 (rear)LT Streak SRM-6 (rear)RT ER Small Laser CT Streak SRM-6 Ammo(15) LT Streak SRM-6 Ammo(15)(2) RT

I've never had much use for ER Small Lasers aside from zapping infantry or trying to pile on CQ Shreadders for trying to take on a larger 'Mech. So I don't count them as 'Mech-to-'Mech weapons <_<