Maps on TG 1

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Maps on TG 1

I understand that SAS Wiz and SAS En4cer are off at the moment with personal leave. But when are the SAS map pack going onto the TG 1 server and could i make a request that we include the SAS hallway map in the server as this is a great map for room clearing and entry drills.



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Acute imagine the Hallway coming up on the server when mostly non-coop interested players are with you. Imagine that room in the back with the big boom effect on it. It isnt a big download, so many may choose to wait the half a minute to download it. I really like the map as well, but i doubt it playability on a public server with posible threats in your own lines. Thats a nice imagination Wink


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I love the barrel room but its too easy when the tangos don't get buggy.

The hallway maps greatest asset is the element of supprise. But it makes a fine personal training map hehehe.

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As far as i know, the SAS maps are up on the TG1 server (at least i think they were when i looked at the map list, i dont remember for sure because it was late). Checking the maplist on the server's settings would be the quickest way to see if this is true.

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I agree, SAS hallway is a great map.
I train on it regulary, nice for room clearing and small arms training.