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Hey all |SAS| my real name is Nick im 16 years of age and english Biggrin i have had previous experience in a coop clan but decided it wasent the right route for me there all for rushing and not playing the game it should be played well anyway ive been playing the game for seven months and was looking around on in the forums and someone mentioned your clan so i thought i whould give it a try well if anyone wants to contact me my xfire is zlatan999 and my msn is ps almost forgot my ingame name is zlatan to ok happy gaming all cya on servers

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Hey there
if you want to join I suggest you send in an application if you havn't yet.
(see here:
I suggest also that you play on our server(s) and try to play with SAS often and be active in the forums ... that's the "fastes" way to join ... though it normally takes a "while" ... so if you don't want to wait you better quit before even starting ... SAS is a clan that selects one rather than a clan that one selects
Anyway ...

Welcome, pleased to meet you, hope to see you in the server(s).

P.S. Oh and maybe you wanna peek in here:


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Hey there! Feel free to add me in your X-Fire friends list so that we can coordinate some games together mate Blum 3

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