It's L.i.u.n.x you buffoon!

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It's L.i.u.n.x you buffoon!

Mr. Taylor of Tuttle Oklahoma will probably never live this down...

If someone who is computer literate doesn't take care of this situation
I will be forced to send these ridiculous e-mails to your local media.
I'm sure they will be able to understand what I am trying to tell you.

It is a little long but funny as heck !

If you've ever worked for tech-support or are fairly computer savy you will probably know what he felt like...

I don't think people deserve to be never able to forget there screw ups, but when you threaten the developer of a Linux Distro with the FBI !!!! You are just begging for people to start flaming you rofl.

I do fill sorry for the city guy though, I even found the article in The Register after a google. The CentOS incident is also noted on the Wikipedia entries for the city and seems to have earned him his own page on Wikipedia!!!

In the end it seems he got a pay raise and I've heard that they had to remove his E-Mail address from the city website after he got so many messages from angry computer nerds and Linux crazed people xD.

I don't know about you, but I'm glad I don't live there !!!!

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This would seem typical clerc behaviour, no?

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yeh that is a great admin story. Ive seen lots

Lt_Col WIZ,  VC, MiD (Ret)

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haha this one is

SAS Rct Ithen
(pronounced "eaten")

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haha, I hope this guy will do a better city management then..