It's A Bitter-Sweet Moment (Absence)

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It's A Bitter-Sweet Moment (Absence)

I can't play unti thursday, work, school, school, and after the other till thursday when I can kick back and kill terrorists again. I can play friday night, after 2200 American Eastern time, meaing about 0400 for you other fellas. Then, on saturday I can play pretty much all day except for six hours. Then, sunday, booyah, I'm on it like white on rice on a paper plate with milk in a glass in a snowstorm. Lol, see you then.

I cannot fathom that the Lord has blessed us with logic and rationality and have us forgo their use.

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Good luck m8, I know what thats like. I think I'll just have to try & log on again 'round 2300-2400 EST this friday Smile

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Hehe. We all have moments/days/weeks where we cant be on the serves due to real life obligations. So see you on the servers, and good luck with all that work and school Biggrin