I'm sorry.

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I'm sorry.

Yes I am writing a formal apology letter.

To all SAS Clan Members

As most of you know I have been banned from the server on SWAT 4 TSS for indirect recruitment. This has also banned my brother and my fellow clan members. I made a mistake and I don't feel that it's right that they should be punished for that mistake. If you unblock my IP to let my brother play which is doubtful you will I promise to stay off the server or if that isn't your punishment I will do whatever it is necessary for my brother to play on the server. It is his dream to become SAS. Please do not let that dream be torn up because of a mistake that I made.

~}SD{~NitriX (Scott Hennessey)

Here if you need a hand.

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If you send me your IP address in a private message or email, I'll review the ban list and find a match so if we decide to lift the ban, we will have all the data we need.

Who banned you? I will need to consult with that admin to see if he thinks the IP should be unbanned.


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22nd [SAS] Elite Virtual Regiment