How good can computer graphics be?

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How good can computer graphics be?

At least I know someone here in Denmark that knows:

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Mb you should ask "How bad can modern media be?" Wink

Anyway computer graphics can do really awesome pictures/videos. But the one thing that still causes trouble (and probably ever will) is a human face, especially the eyes.

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Computers these days are capable of generating a life-like footage (of course this tech is not publicly available and is reserved for military mostly) but even with your average computer you can render images with stunning detail and make it believable.

Most of gadgets today are actually very simple 3D-world like designs, which means they appear less real world like and more blocky/plasticky or whatever as seen in movies and games.

I remember few years back, I played pranks on few of my friends who were all hyped up about touchscreen phones, I designed and made renders in anim8or and Kerkhytea and boom, they believed those phones are from official sources lol.

About the ArmA 2 footage. LOL, sounds more like a desperate attempt at making some news.

Watch this, looks far more realistic -

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