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High Quality Mod

Hey !

I have some idea about weapons modding, i am available to re-model models of weapons in S4 to high polygon models, and i started with it some days ago, but i dont know what is procedure to import them ingame. Is here anyone that know how to import it ?

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I don't know, Flash.

It shouldn't be hard to port into Unreal Engine.

Anyway, remember the patch I and fluffy are working on? It's still up and running, sadly I didn't have much time to work on it these days, done only minor progress so far.

Anyway, the idea is if I do the patch thingy someday I could as well replace textures and even models to be compatible with the original game. In other words make Swat 4 more modern. So if you are good with modeling and the task is up for grabs you could join us. I can do model texturing well also.

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