Hezbollah's Weapons

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Hezbollah's Weapons

I found two interesting news articles about the weapons being used by Hezbollah in the current conflict.

Link 1

Link 2

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Hezbollah.. pffft

My money's on Israel personally. I feel sorry for the poor blokes who have to fight against not only the Israeli Defense Force on the ground, but what is, in my opinion, the finest Air Force in the world (Yes, even over my own country. Who says Americans have no humility?).

I think that once the media lets up on poor old Israel being "too harsh", then Hezbollah is going to run for cover to avoid the steel rain. You have to admire the Israelis, they're fixing to unload a whole can of whoopass.

(For you military buffs out there, you ought to know that the IDF are credited with perfecting urban combat, as well as their own style of CQBHH fighting- Krav Maga.)


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Re: Hezbollah.. pffft

(For you military buffs out there, you ought to know that the IDF are credited with perfecting urban combat, as well as their own style of CQBHH fighting- Krav Maga.)

...which is probably the most effective way to fight hand-to-hand in the jungle of fighting techniques. Why train sophisticated techniques that looks nice, when you can just go directly for the balls and slap or kick -- not once, but as many times as it takes to get the upper hand.

KM doesn't look nice, but by golly -- it is effective.

My fav from the time I did military CP:


Not nice to be at the receiving end.

SAS_bang bang bang enemy down_Rouge

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The thing is Israel has been constantly using its military for years and years against a real enemy. So it is no wonder they are learning fast.

The people i feel sorry for are the innocents in this conflict. I wish for the worst for the Hezbollah fighter. But also feel Isreal need to buck up their act in avoiding civilian casualties, and how they react when they get them, I get the sense they really do not care if they kill civilians, they just blame it on Hezbollah haivng fired missiles. Atleast when the coalition oerations in Iraq and Afganistan end in civilian casualties you get a genuine feeling of sorrow.

I still do not beleive Israel is going about solving this problem in the right way. They want to create a buffer zone to protect from missiles, butthe range the missiles can go is only going to increase, and you cant just keep expanding the buffer zone.

It just seems they are increasing the number of people wanting to fight them because i bet for every man Hezbollah losses it has recruited another 2 during this onslaught.

In terms of eliminating Hezbollah, then another organisation is just going to take their place. And they will have more support because Israel have pretty much ruined the whole of southern Lebanon. They will have more experience fighting against Israel and will learn methods in evading attack.

It just all seems pointless to me.


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if you can't stand up to the army, go Grillora and pray they don't Nuke. Not hang around urban centers.

I can't say any thing about the IDF other then they have reason to be a great army. I've heard Israel has a great intel service though.

For exotic fighting styles, Capoeira I think has always been interesting. I've never had a chance to see Krav Maga in action but the picture in the encyclopedia looks like it's a nasty thing to run accross a master of it with a reason to fight'em.