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Help Me Out Here

I've been seeing a lot of those online RPG games lately, and I'd like to give you certain few a chance to explain what they're about. Such as what they're about, is there an actual induvidualality about (meaning is the game based on actual skill, not time based, can you look different from everybody else, are there rare things, you know, goodies). Are there montly fees? How expansive is it, like in that Eve Online, can you land on planets and walk around? In that Everquest, do you get to fight a friggen huge monster, I mean like you being the size of a toe? Impress me people, I'm looking to spend money. Oh yeah, please don't mention that goofy Runescape game, I cough blood when I think about it. Oh, and most importantly, is it team oriented, or is it downright stupid like it being hard to kill a pigeon when you start out. (I don't need grey hairs at my age people) Have a better one, please post, I have nothing else to read on my spare time. I'm also trying to figure out this dang BF2 stat sig. So don't be suprised to se techinical jargen at the bottom.

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If you want to know what the game is about I suggest you go to the site of the game you favour. There they explain what the combat system and such are and also what is possible in the game. But if I were in your place I would not just go buy a mmorpg to find I don't like it. Currently many mmorpgs have 1-2 weeks free trial which you can download for free and then play the game for free up to 2 weeks and if you don't like it then you just delete it from your harddisk. And the only good moorpg that I know of and you don't have to pay for monthly fees is Guild Wars. But as I say do a trial first then buy the game if you like it.

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Hey Langley

Hello Langley.

I have a freind that really likes "War Craft". It costs about thirty dollars every three months or something of that sort. I don't know if you like that type of game, but it does look neat. One problem you can't pause in the middle of a game. But you can leave your clan or follow another charachter around. It is kind of like a Fantasy action role playing game.

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Langley i have about stuiped games that can't get there for you
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