Hello again!

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Hello again!

Not sure how the tactical coop community is doing but lets try to reignite the fire. So first step spread the word and tell the world where to find the hottest site.
There are some coop games around worth playing. Looking forward to create some squads for a breach bang and clear.
Can u guys let me know what is played these days regulary. I heard Insurgency is decent.

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Insurgency is pretty good.

Insurgency is pretty good. Myself, Fluffy, Bobby and Neutrino play it and it's quite good fun. Bobby has his own server set up for it, too.

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All the hots are for

All the hots are for Insurgency, at the moment. Haven't had the time to check it out thoroughly, myself. From first impressions, it looks decent enough. If only my machine could run it more smoothly. Perhaps after tweaking it up a tad more, we'll see.

Nice seeing you back, mate. Biggrin

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Some ETS guys and regulars on

Some ETS guys and regulars on ETS server asked for an SAS Mod server. I tried to make one runing, just need to test it. It could be fun to have some occasionnal events there. ITS guys could be interested too (nothing official though). We'll see out it turn out.


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Is there a ETS server on

Is there a ETS server on Insurgency?

And welcome back Walker Insurgency is a cool tactical/realistic game except for the AI being challenging sometimes as you all know lol.

Looking forward playing with y'all see you there and a squad could be nice to have in Insurgency.

Game On !!


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