Heat Shootout: Fire and Movement

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Heat Shootout: Fire and Movement

You boys ought to appreciate this... I remember having the discussion about fire and movement several times, and Rouge has gone through many a training session on how to execute this maneuver properly....

There was a movie released over ten years ago here in the US called Heat, Michael Mann is the director (Collateral, Miami Vice). In it, is one of the most realistic gunfights in terms of tactical movement, discipline, and well, just plain entertainment...

Enjoy... and TAKE NOTES!!!



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There are at least two movies named 'Heat' according to the TV Guide, the Al Pacino / Robert De Niro 1995 one (the only I've seen) is pretty good.

Is it really just in video games you have to reload so often? Or does the combo of counting bursts + having an ammo counter just make one more self consious of tactical reloading?

PS: I've always considered rule #1 of fire and manover to be. Don't get shot !

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That film is on UK tv tonight.

Oh nice to have you back Merge, i mustve missed your AWOL topic

Lt_Col WIZ,  VC, MiD (Ret)

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Yes, I like the shoot-out. A miracle that no by-standers accidently got shot...


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Thats diffenetly one of the best shootouts i have seen...to bad for those police cars Smile

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To me, the movie was amazingly boring. And the trailer looked so great... Infact, I was more entertained by the trailer then by the film itself.

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Hey at least its not totally un realistic.

My list of differences between Real world Elite and Holiwood Elite.

IRL a 9mm probably will bounce off a windshield at 50m

IHW a 9mm will take out the engine block of a truck if its on Full Auto.

IRL a solider might not have a full mag all the time, to prevent jams.

IHW, magazines have bullets 4 a breast so you can reload off camera Smile

IRL a solider can snap off a head shot at 50m /w an MP5 as fast as they can think.

IHW, the hero can pop the running squiral in the left nut at 25m with a sling shot.

IRL, a 12.7mm M2 || M82 will make your day.

IHW, some how a pistol packs more punch then a 30mm Gatling gun.

IRL, you want strong cover like a CBS wall so bullets won't penitrate.

IHW, you can use a lamp post or a dead guy as cover agasnt 7.62x39mm ammo.

See, some movies actually do get it some whats in it right. xD

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Wonderful shootout! And very realistic to be in a movie.
When you do this in RL you somehow always get so pissed when you watch a flick with bad hollywood military advisers and tactics, so this is great!

PS: Although the scenes are very realistic to be in a movie i wouldn`t necesseraly be so quick to draw notes on this one. Smile


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I dont know where to start on that so i guess i just wont but, worth the 6min of my life.

Train Hard - Fight Easy

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That is indeed a very good movie.