Happy "6th" Birthday SAS Clan from your founder!

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Happy "6th" Birthday SAS Clan from your founder!

It is exactly 0:00 28th March 2007 and the mighty is (EXACTLY) 6 years old, so your founder (me!) thought he would come and join the party! Yes, I still think of you all and the Clan!

Its hard to believe that I was only 25 when I started the SAS Clan 6 years ago but even harder to believe the mighty still go on! I am delighted and I think its the best birthday present. I get chills and goose pimples when I think how SAS Clan still lives.

I'm proud of all the SAS Clan members of today and in the past, but more importantly, I'm very proud of the people who carried and continue to carry the leadership torch by keep the Clan running. *SALUTE*

I hope you are all enjoying the friendship and fun that the SAS Clan is all about and continue to make the mighty a place to call home for tactical gamers across the world!

SAS Clan! I as your honorary Colonel, bloody well salute you! Happy 6th Birthday to us!

With warm regards

PS, Exact time of post, 0:00 March 28th UK time, our official birthday Biggrin

Colonel Smart (Retired)
SAS Clan Founder 

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I now declare a public holiday!!!

Glad to see you Smart, and may i say it makes us proud that you should remember this day so fondly.

The good news is..this old girl aint gonna hang up her dancing shoes yet

HIP HIP..............

Lt_Col WIZ,  VC, MiD (Ret)

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SAS = The best group of tac gamers I've ever met Smile

Thank you Smart, its an team I'm much better for having met. And without you and the others, there might never have been The Mighty [SAS].

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When the torch was passed to me a few years back, the future didn't look too bright. The few who stuck around rebuilt the membership, continued to recruit quality over quantity, and today we thrive!

We have changed our look and our LtCols a few times over the years, but we are essentially the same team, operating on the same principles and Code of Honor.

I can't wait for our 10th Birthday!

Welcome back to the site! Don't be a stranger, Colonel. (Actually, I don't think we COULD have a "stranger" Colonel Wink )

I'm sure whatever computer you own can run RvS or SWAT4 so stop by where the rubber meets the road.[/b]


Lt. Col (Retired)

22nd [SAS] Elite Virtual Regiment



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Its an Honor to serve with [SAS]

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WoooOOO!!! Congrats to the clan for its long and continuing illustrious reign as an elite co-op regiment Dirol and even though I am still a rookie in terms of my time serving with the unit, I am honored to be part of a growing legacy this unit carries Wink and cheers to every single person that has been apart of the Special Air Service! !

Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers Cheers

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Six years. Not many non-sponsered teams come this far. It's the biggest indication that the principles of SAS, tactical gaming, is something valuable indeed. Many "rival" and "opposing" clans have tried and failed, where SAS stood tall even in times of crisis.

It is nice to see that even after so many time, a clan member would still think to come and celebrate SAS's birthday. What you have founded Smart, is a source of entertainment. for us all.


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Happy BD SAS!!! Everyone grab a drink and make a toast to 6th year of SAS Cheers ! May many more follow.

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I'm proud to be a member of [SAS] E.V.R. I wish to see many more [SAS] Bdays!

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Happy birthday, Regiment. May many years follow.

No, the drinks are not on the RSM. Perhaps on the 10th anniversary... Biggrin