Great offers on great games

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Great offers on great games

Hi all , merry christmas first of all Dirol

If you want to give yourself a nice christmas present now is the time.
On steam ( ) are great games for the lowest prices. For example :
Arma 2 ( I can recommend this for anyone who loves tactics ): $9,99.
Mind you I bought it for about $50,00. Imo the greatest military simulator of all time.

Battlefield 2: $4,99
Counter Strike Source: $4,99
All 5 Ghost Recon games: $9,99
Rainbow six Vegas 2: $7,49

These are only a few of the offers. There are hundreds of gams on offer like this. Only for counter strike , arma and BF2 the offer will last for 20 hours or so. So if you want these games I can bet you this is about as cheap as you can get.

Cya all on the server.

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merry Christmas all, all the best for everyone!