GR its really hard

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GR its really hard

I bought GR and started playing it on recruit to get a feel for it. But the enemies never miss. Its just bang head shot. This games solid. Any advice?

I mean i dont want to go though it having to plan learn the enemies positions and snipe them.

Oh yeah the caves in the 1st leave I could so either close range they are even more impossible.

Please Please help. :ohwell:


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Ghost Recon was written as a true military model... which means... if you dont have the drop on the guy... you need to be low and close to the ground when you engage...

2nd... the team mates you get in Single Player... basically are complete idiots and dont help you worth nothing... good team work with real team mates makes a big difference.

Play with how to control your team mates.... get them out on the flanks.. and use them as cover men... while you do some killing from the pocket formed in the middle...

Personally I did not enjoy the Single Player missions... AI both on my team and on the enemy team were a real pain. Use your time in the Single Player missions to build up your familiarity with the controls and the game interface... the real fun comes from online play with your mates.

Just ask the other [SAS] members who play GR on a regular basis... nothing compares to a coordinated attack with your team mates.

Hope this little bit helps...

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When the red shows up in the radar, it means a tango is near, that is when you start using caution, the yellow, gives you an idea of where they are.

Use 2 teams.

only those who will IMAGE(

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Glad to hear u bought it.

Some quick advice:

Basically move from cover to cover, use high grass, trees, rocks, hills, high grounds and ect.

When you hear gunshots get down on the ground.

Crouch almost all the time.

A good advice is to always move about 10 to 20 meters and then stop and scan the area.

Frag buildings.

When taking long way shots get down on the ground.

Always use a couple of seconds before moving out after a firefight, to scan the area.

Use burst as fire mode when you are inside buildings.

Be prone when peeking around a corner or over a hill.

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unlike RvS learning to scan your area is more difficult and more important, might want to checkup on that part in the SOP

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I loved GR single player. I eventually found a method to play that works for every mission.

To set up my team, I'll be on Alpha, and I'll have a teammate to back me up. If AT4 is required, I'll take that, and so will my partner. Or if both AT4 and demo charges are required, I'll take AT4 and my partner will take demo charges. Or if a sniper is necessary for a mission, he'll be on Alpha.. so Alpha team is basically where you get your special services for the mission. Bravo and Charlie team is setup the same every time. I'll have an assaulter as the leader, and a support as the teammate. At least one person on each Bravo, and one person on Charile has frags - usually the support expert.

At the beginning of the mission, I will set all teams to Recon (only shoot when shot at), and Go (I dunno if thats the right word - its the one that isnt Hold and isnt Go Even Under Fire.. its the in between one). It should be a yellow arrow with a minus sign, know what I mean? And I'll send both Bravo and Charlie out together ahead of Alpha. Usually, especially if its a wide open area, I'll have Bravo go up one flank and Charlie up the other flank, then alpha in the middle, but slightly behind Bravo and Charile. This way Bravo and Charlie is always to make contact before Alpha. Bravo and Charlie spot targets much easier and faster than I do, before the enemy spots them. And being set on Recon/Assault, they will will immediately hold position and won't fire on the enemy when they spot them. They'll even tell me they spotted someone. This allows me to move up to their location, if necesary, and plan an attack on the enemy.

Either I'll open fire myself, or I'll have everyone open up on em. If its only one or two targets, I'll usually deal with it myself. If its more than that, I may choose to put everyone on Suppress momentarilly, so we all open fire on them at the same time.. with lots of ammunition spent. No injuries to us, all enemies are dead.

Once the threat is dealt with and a counterattack doesnt happen.. as in noone nearby heard the gunfire and came running to us... then I'll set em back to Recon/Assault and have them continue moving forward to the objective.

Now on occassion we may not spot an enemy first, they will spot us first. And open fire on us. In this case, I'll have everyone immediately hold or run to a point of cover (if you put them on Hold they usually do run to cover nearby, but if none is nearby I might physically move htem myself). Then I'll have everyone go to Suppress. This way my buddies will open fire on whereever the gunfire is coming from and pin the enemy down, while I observe the situation and figure out what I'm going to do.. or I'll just do as they do and shoot at wherever the gunfire is coming from.

Thats how I play the game. It works for me everytime. Good luck!