Ghost Recon and R6 time

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Ghost Recon and R6 time

Supposed to be getting six days off work starting on Thursday, and it's really time for a much needed rest. Since there is nothing quite like having to concentrate on keeping your head from getting perforated, to clear it of whatever ales you, I was thinking time to cock an M16 and hit the classics Smile

Friday (9th) and Saturday (10th) evening I'll be hosting a few rounds of the original Ghost Recon, if anyone wants to come, send me a PM and I'll give you the IP and password for my host.

If it still works on this PC, I might also try the original Rainbow Six, if my disc is still any good lol.

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Too bad i dont have any of them, otherwise I sure would join in Fool

SAS Rocks!!! Smile

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ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh i am so gonna join :D, its been a while since i played them.

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Rainbow Six will usually not play past W98 OS's.
However....Rogue Spear has all the R6 and EW missions available as a mod. I'd like to take a shot at GR multiplayer.

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