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Gentlemen of [SAS]

In revisiting the website and forum, I must congratulate each and every one of you for the obvious teamwork and massive effort still going on with The Mighty.

It has been years since gaming has taken place for me, initially due to some life changes involving work, and a move to a remote part of New York state.

My decisions for leaving [SAS] were also due to some conflicts between some higher ranking members; it was nothing I wanted to be part of, and in some degree of protest about it, I decided to retire.

After a difficult decision, I had left with good confidence that my tenure of Leadership would not be betrayed by the continuation of such destructive conflicts.

My fondest memories in the Cooperative Gaming Community? Well, those memories can be summarized as... the only gaming team I was ever part of...[SAS]!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am proud of all of you, to see that The Mighty [SAS] is still very much alive and well.

My best to all of you,

Tom McBride, RPA-C

P.S. If anyone becomes interested in XBox360 Platform for Rainbox Six, let me know-

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"And You Thought I'd Never Check Back..."

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Hey Heim.

Good to see old Vets visiting our forums from time to time.

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Hello, ex-CO Heim!

Good to see you dropping by. Once in the SAS, always in the SAS...

The train is still on rails, gaining speed and momentum into the future. I can assure you we have several challenging projects ongoing, and a very good coop between the different levels.


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Good to see you drop in Heim, it's been much to long since your last visit!!!