GCHQ Call to Order: Promotions

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GCHQ Call to Order: Promotions

Effective 29 May 2005:

Well deserved promotions involving a launch of new SOP's, an effective ranking structure, and the demonstration of effective training, tryout, membership in the directing staff, and times on server:

Coop: Troop Captain-->Major
Shield: Regiment Sargeant Major-->the second Troop Captain, with Random, for further Jedi knowledge
Adze: Cpl-->Sargeant
James: Cpl-->Sargeant (yes, there will be 2 Sargeants)
En4cer: Cpl-->Staff SargeantStaff Sargeant Major
JB: LCpl-->Corporal
Blade: LCpl-->Corporal
Wiz: Trp-->Lance Corporal

Further promotion in Trp-->Lance Corporal position is pending, with further evaluations to be reported to Shield for selection.

Best wishes to all; you are doing an excellent jobn in maintaining our progress forward. Please memorize your new responsibilities and shift your efforts in the clan accordingly.

Medals to be handed out upon my return from my working conference/vacation.

Many thanks to Moe and Shield for their efforts in helping me evaluate this Call to Order for Promotions. Well done- this accurate appreciation of the efforts of these men is accurate and appropriate.

Best wishes to those who have not been promoted at this time, you are in our crosshairs...


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