Fixing Windows Startmenu.

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Fixing Windows Startmenu.

Ok, I've finally gotton sick and tired of my start menu. Start Menu > All Programs > Company Name > App Name (Optional) > Program is just friggen crap.

I've reorganized my All Programs into catagories. (See Screen Shot). So it's Catagory > App Name


how can I make it so my start menu lists what I want it to when I push it instead of All Programs > What I want ??

Start >
Internet - Mail
Internet - WWW
System Tools

instead of All Programs + stuff pinned to it. THEN what I want. Even tried the Classic style, but the Documents, Settings e.t.c. crap below Programs can't be removed from the menu. (Havn't tried registry yet)

Any suggestings?

Alternitive is to append program home directories to my windows search path so I can run fire fox as "firefox" in that lame Windows command prompt.

PS: I don't like allot of Icons on my Desktop.

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I really don't know how to customize it without the help of software. I use System Mechanic, it does pretty much everything you could want. Spyware removal, virus protection, firewall, pop-up blocker (It actually works), and much much more. I got it for 30 bucks and you get unlimited downloads so long as you have the cd key. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

I cannot fathom that the Lord has blessed us with logic and rationality and have us forgo their use.

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The answer is probably yes you can but I don't quite undersand what you want to remove.

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has the fixes to all your windows worries I have the XP Forum in paperback form Smile


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Thanks Noah I think I'm going to read that instead of my Java study for the day.

james, Push your start button; you will ether get XP or Classic style which is a list of

Pinned shortcuts (like Outlook exspress e.t.c.)
Most used shortcuts (like Raven Shield e.t.c.)
All Programs > All the crap people have randomly installed where they please on your Hard Drive.

and off to the right stuff like My Documents/Computer/Music e.t.c.

Or (Classic)
Programs > Same as All Programs
Documents > My Documetns shortcut + recently used files.
Settings > Control Panel, Network Connections e.t.c.
Search > Find tools
e.t.c. With shutdown/logoff at the bottom.

What I want, is a Start Menu that makes sense. (Much like my blackbox menu in FreeBSD). So it doesn't do All Programs > Folder > >Folder > Shortcuts.

i.e. Press Start and get this:
Development > shotcuts to apps
Editors > shotcuts to apps
Games > shotcuts to apps
Internet - Mail > shotcuts to apps
Internet - WWW > shotcuts to apps
Graphics > shotcuts to apps
Multimedia > shotcuts to apps
Office > shotcuts to apps
Startup > shotcuts to apps
System Tools > shotcuts to apps
Ultilites > shotcuts to apps
instead of having ot go to all programs first.

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With the normal Windows Start menu that will not be possible. What you have there in your screenshot is the best you will get out of it.

But, you might find some third-party application out there, that kind of thing would usually be called something like an application launcher or program launcher. I doubt it would replace the start button but it might give you another button that does what you want.

With things like that I usually find it best not to fight Windows, just when you're on Windows accept doing things the Windows way, when you are on Unix do things the Unix way. It'll cause you a lot less stress that way. Try not to be annoyed by the slightly different organisation of the start menu, anyway all you have to do is move your mouse a few millimeters to get into the next menu.

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I downloaded a dohicky from MS they would not like me to. PowerToys

and this is as close as I've gotton.

Cleared it off as best as I can without disabling the control panel and a few search stuff. I found out that the Programs menu is a Windows thing which it needs to function properly; and while "hiding" the folder in the start menu hides it on the menu, it does not work here :(. I was even able to finally implement the thing I love most, the ability to "Alt-Tab" between windows just by hovering the pointer.

I don't like it b/c it's the "Unix" way, I like it b/c it's my way. I can really be a cronic organizer some times (Like, I'd organize my book self to perfection even if it takes 20 tries.) What I love about Unix like systems and utterly hate about Windows based systems is being able to define to my system what it is to be - not have my system define to me what I am to be.

Not to mention that Windows thinks it's smarter then every user ever to use it. (while I'm sure it's smarter then allot, we're all not still having VCR's that blink 12:00 forever). This can be very annoying.

PS: As a Side note, I don't even set my VCR any more LOL.