Fear - Anyone play it?

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Fear - Anyone play it?

Does anyone play the game "Fear?" How is Multiplayer on this game? Is their coop, is it any good?

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A friend of mine just got the game.

I know smoothies had a topic about it awhile ago.

Single Player looks hot from what I saw on X-Play /tech tv.

He does have a mpeg clip hosted if you haven't played it yet Jso - dl'ing it now myself.

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i tried the demo but it didnt work for me so I didnt bother with it

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I played it all the way from start to finish in Single Player and I've played some of the Multiplayer at a local LAN.

The single player is very good and the gameplay is very very solid and diverse. I personaly enjoy to stalk and then drop kick one of the enemies following by a series of kicks and punches into the remaining enemy squad in reflex mode. The railgun and the nailguns are a personal ranged weapon favorite in the hardest difficulty and I love how they spanned the health and reflex boosters around in the maps. Trust me, you'll need every single one at the climax.

Multiplayer wise, the game is fair. Nothing really that ground breaking but isn't terrible or that buggy. It's a great looking multiplayer as well and with the SDK released, expect a few mods in the upcoming months. Just watch out for mines, players tend to be able to sneak them in the hardest of spots to prevent people of seeing the blinking red light around a corner.


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