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Fair Play

Hi , i just have to get this from my chest.
I was playing for 3 hours or so today, on provenground 2 server with EZ basr.
Then co_random came in . . .
Everything changed and all players had to listen to his demands.
He told us no flash at start, and to go low.
I threw gas on balcony en he shoots me in the back !
Next round i stay low profile.
It was a full server
Random and Ez go first next 2 rounds and they got killed first .
Then a new round starts and after some advice from Random the game begins . But when he sees that people are running he shoots them on auto in the back.
This urinating me off so much, that i silenced him with my gun.
Without any questioning does he ban my ip and can't i play on your server.
I play for like 6 years rvs and this has never been so rude.
I hope u evaluate this incident.

aloha FridgeX

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Well, we had been playing the map for a long time and every moron and his brother were ignoring my suggestions on how to start the mission off properly. It was funny. I even commented on how people who have played so long could play like complete noobs and expect us to put up with it. You had flashed the balcony the prior round (something that I had been advising strongly against in prior rounds) and when i heard you equip a nade, i shot you to prevent mission failure. You did happen to get the nade off (apparently a gas this time). I did not kick you at that point, I clarified that there was to be no nades or going left at the start or there would be painful consequences.

I trained my weapon to the left and shot anyone overthere. If you were to the left then you got shot, that was why. It was not personal.

What was personal was that you TK'd me the following round while I was administering a little "tough-love" to those morons going left against my instructions. TKing an admin after accepting discipline from an admin will result in a ban in most every server you play. Enjoy your post-SAS server life.

Don't worry. Be happy. There are other servers out there that are Not That Friendly and would put up with even less. Ask me and I'll tell you the story some time.

After you got banned, we had mission success 3 rounds later. Coincidence? I think not!


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When the CO tells ya to do or not to do somethin, ITs BEST to listen.

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I dont see a problem here.

Player was not listening so the consequences must be actioned.

SAS members (especially the CO) have the right to police the servers in accordance with our rules.

Simple end of discussion.


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