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What's up with all these strange poll's ?

Anyway, YES i do drink. I think I started at the age of 13 or 14, very early some would say and I tend to agree. But something to realise is that it is almost a tradition from where I'm from, (Denmark that is). A bad excuse, Yes, but that's just the way the things are in a country that is basically a world wide beer factory. Beer is just like in for instance Britain and Belgium, apart of our culture.

Something to remmeber though, is that the drinking took place not always, but in most cases in controlled enviroments in my young youth. (At friends houses or school clubs. So there were always some people who looked out for us or they were at least close by).

Sometimes when we were alone (in the age of 15-17 I believe), things did go completely wrong. We have had the whole western city fire department chasing us (At least it seemed like and don't ask why!), plus some nasty Hell's Angel's supporters at our tale and that's just the tip of the iceberg. In most cases though we were just at the wrong place, at the wrong time - Or one of us simply had a too smart mouth or a very bad idea, due to the alchohol...

However as you get older and (hopefully) wiser, you learn to drink and still be in control (due to the long experience?). For instance all you alchoholics, must know these following drunk mouth sentences (they are usually spoken at the age of 14-15, when you are most drunk) . "I love you man", "You are my best friend in the whole wide world!" ect. and don't forget all the female insults. Anyway as you get older you start to realise how gay those two sentences sound! And how un-smart and stupid those female insults are!

Alchohol is not the devil's tool or whatever those fanatic christian's and other crazy cults are trying to say (Heck they talk about satan more than god himself, which I BTW didn't think was allowed as a christian, but thats a whole other subject). Drinking alchohol is not just a bad excuse to do silly things, it's about having fun. People do tend to lose up and throw away there several masks, we all wear. So it's fun on another level because of that, and because people also get more energetic (is that a word?) and cheerful.

A recommended age for drinking would from a neutral point of view, probably be as it is recommended, 18. But I wouldn't have missed any of my experiences for the world, however I do consider my self pretty lucky still to be alive and in good health, because things could have gone very very wrong, when I look back.

I only meant to say, YES I drink and get drunk.. see where it wen't thanks to slacker Random.

Cheers! Wink Blum 3

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I remember when early Americans went to fight in the Revolutionary war; a lot of times

They didn't have shoes,

They didn't have ammunition,

They didn't have food,

They were probably lucky to get any uniform,

They were sick and dirty,

But they had beer !

A regular beer ration was promised as part of joining the army for a long time from what I understand of the period.

Compared to the British Army, you could say a bunch of drunken, pitch fork carrying, noobs, kicked the best army in the world out of town <_>

Not to offend my heritage or friends on ether side but that is kind of what happened in the 1770s if you have a decent sense of humor. The common Joe went to war more often then not with not much more then a beer or ale in his belly :/

Many a discussion of independence took place over a more then few drinks from what I've heard Wink

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Thank you for sharing good treatment of hang-overs, Leon and Wiz. I can confirm it helps the day after. Biggrin

Alcohol should however never ever be used as an excuse for stupid behaviour, or other things you regret in a sober conditiion.

The most silly excuse I hear is: "But I was drunk..." Sorry, Mac. I am not impressed. You are responsible for your own actions, even after having chosen to drink.

If you wake up in a bed you don't recognise with a female you hardly recall, there may be several good or bad reasons for that, and you may or may not regret it. But you can never blame the booze.



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I been drunk. It makes you do weird stuff. I wasn't aggressive though. Feels good ya know, just gotta do it responsibly.

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Detroit...........how did the tigers against the yankees yesterday ?


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Since I became a SNCO (which includes Moderator Duty) threads that branch heavy off topic now get split early Wink

So i can't help lead them OT any more Cray 2 j/k

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To the ppl who have not voted 'yes and I liked it':

you are all PANSIES Lol

To alcohol! The source of and solution to all of life's problems!

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what a strange subject to run a pole on Exclaim

You have to much spare time young man :idea: :idea:

Use in on the servers instead of making polls Lol Lol