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Dropping in...

Hey everyone,

I know I've been off the grid for awhile but I just wanted to drop in and say hey. I also wanted to let anyone know that if they have ARMA 3 alpha then I will be having a server up and running hopefully by tomorrow. Its a 30 man server that will be playing the Wasteland map until I find some co-op ones to upload to the server.

So any case. I will catch everyone later.

Arctic out.

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Lance Corporal
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Nice seeing you again, mate. Biggrin I'm sure Fluffy and a couple of other guys are interested.

P.S. Once in a lifetime, your post count is pure evil. The time is yours, now. Twisted

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hahaha now he doesn't want to post again Blum 3

WB Arctic, hope to see you in the servers Smile

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