Division 9

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Division 9

Only if they made it grrrr>>> Man we all wanted a new SWAT game but god dam!! OK maybe it was kinda out of hand with zombies but at least they could have made it>>maybe Chester will love it lol Biggrin

Orignal wesbite

youtubeclip(Better videos here!)



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Wow it provides an awesome feeling, even through the video. And tho I'm not a huge fan of games like that i think i would have to give it a shot Biggrin

SAS Rocks!!! Smile

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Pretty interesting Asim, though it looks more like a shoot-em-up than a tactical shooter. Which makes sense for such an early build.

A SWAT 5 would have been awesome I think, though if I wanted another zombie game, I'd just go play L4D/L4D2/KF. Dirol

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lol if you want this game.

1) model a few zombies, rig them and add zombie animations.

2) write a custom melee attack

3) add these to the swat 4 games, multiply the enemies by about 5 lol


Looks tactical to me though, just in a diff way. i would like to see escort the hostages as a main mode in this. dealing with the zombies coming at you from nowwhere and the hostages falling into psychological attacks lol could prove tricky when you have to knock one of them out 2 stop em running away into danger, or rescueing doctors + mother and her new born from a hospital.. id expect missions like that.