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well today ive been ordered to follow orders from SAMMY. This is not the kind of person tht i will let order me around .(not serious AT ALL) I am sorry to let SAS people down but u wont see me again in the TG1 server.

Many times ive seen ppl come in the server and given the chance of goin in the mission alone (as long as they did not interfeer with the mission) , I was NOT interfeering . I have seen many NON SAS players do non professional things in TG1 and not get kicked , i was ORDERED by WIZ to follow orders from sammy or else get KICKED OUT!!!! this was disrespectfull and unjust.

I have invested many hours in training and learning standard operation procedures NOT to follow SAMMY but to be part of a serious and respected team called SAS .

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sometimes, SAS members allow non sas players to be EL and plan out the mission. whats funny, is that when sammy was planning, nobody asked me to be a part of the element, so i just tango hunted.

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Your choice to leave is yours alone and I respect that. However, if you were planning on becoming part of a team and an SAS member asked you to follow the orders of an EL, it would be intelligent to do so. In my first days (about a year ago to be exact) I would get told around all the time, just follow your orders and do them without complaining.

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This has been resolved.

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Well, Sammy was actually dis-respectful to 2 of the non SAS players after what i saw on the server.

But hope this problem is solved, and it is after what Hexen wrights, right?