Dennis Back in Action!

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Dennis Back in Action!

Hey all

I stated here around 6 months ago that i might return to Swat & Rvs...and now i'm glad to tell you that that happened couple of days ago :D...I Had a challenging spring due to finishing 2 schools and i didn't have decent PC to play Rvs/Swat or actually any games..but now looks like i got 6 months to work, hang out, and play with you guys before entering to army.

I hope to see you guys either in Rvs or Swat or here Biggrin

P.S. Have you closed Rvs PG at all or is it just the master server thing?


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Regimental Sergeant Major
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Hey Dennis, welcome back.

You're right about our Rvs server, the master server removes it from the server list (and somehow makes it inaccessible even via direct ip) at regular intervals (usually less than a day) if it hasn't been used a few hours.

The server goes back up when someone reports its down and the server admins restart it.

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Welcome back, Dennis. Good games today Wink

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