CU Sunday

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CU Sunday

I've got SAL1600 moved into my room and my TV/VCR/CATV/PS2/DVD cluster ripped apart so I can record the replay of the Star Wars saga.

I've alloted 50GB or 17.5Hour of disk space for the best quality Windows Media Center has. I don't know if I can edit the video and save them to my laptop for (personal) mobile viewing b/c of MS Copy Protection but one can always check...

Return of the Jedi goes off about 0850 GMT and The Phantom Mence starts again. So I'll catch yall Sunday after I get things setup again.

My laptop doesn't have Windows on it or a decent video card, all my SAS games are on SAL1600 so I can't legally install them on ma's comp so I'm out of the servers till Sunday. I'll be on AIM from time to time if you need me as well as the forums and Freenode.