change of ISP -- tmp absense.

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change of ISP -- tmp absense.

Hopefully this should only take a couple hours tops but, between family and ISP people... GOD only knows Beee

July 12th, Saturday.

We'll be switching companies, not sure if my gamebox will end up on wireless or stay wireless yet, it all depends on what we can do about modem / cable positioning.

The upside, if I have to spend on three wireless cards instead of a long CAT-5 cable..... At least the game box will be within a 3.5m radius of the modem+AP !

For anyone that has my M$N addy, it will be changing shortly after I'm back online but my other contact data will essentially be staying the same.

My ISP's e-mail address has been reserved for my MSN and spam for years, so it's a minor loss Wink