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Can I join

I dont know if this is the right place to say this but they wont let me say it anywhere else so Ill say it here. I told en4cer that I was 12 and he said I could look at the website to find out about joining before I turned 16. I looked and found out I could be rated by a team member so I could join. But when I went back to Swat 4 they had all gone. I would like to be rated so I can join. I am available pretty much all day for the next two weeks then my time will be limited, so if we could do the rating in that space of time that would be more convinient although I am still available after then.

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If only everything was so easy. Take a look at the Join Us section agian and read right tough it.

Join Us

You need to apply thuogh the join us section above. Then you need to play on our servers with our members. We will make sure to look out for you if you have applied.

Generally aplicants need to be around for at least 2 weeks minimum before we will even consider giving them a recruit tryout. And that is only if we have trained with the person adequetly to know they are keen on our tactis and generally nice people, and dedicated.

If you pass the recruit tryout then you enter our selection course. This generally lasts at least 2 weeks also and involves a lot of hard work and training. Once we feel a recruit is ready we let them take a shot at a trooper tryout. Thats the final test to becoming a member.

So as you can see its not easy joining us.

We are looking constantly for mature, dedicated, friendly, tactical minded, gamers. If you feel you fit all these criterial then I suggest you send in an aplication.

Do be warned, due to your age the process of recruitment is likely to take a lot longer. I do not think we have anyone as young as you, so instead of the minimum of a month for those over 16, its likely to be at least 2, maybe more.

Of course applying is no certainty of even getting a recruit tryout. But if you think your the kind of person we would like then we will be happy to see you on the servers.

Best Regards SAS_Relish


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Relish, that is a very nice comprehensive sum-up. I suggest we keep that for later ref.

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At your age, it will probably take longer before you are offered a Recruit Tryout, but there is no one stopping you from trying.

Inless you go by the ESRB (or w/e) Ratings people who rated SWAT 4 M for Mature Audiences.

We are a little more leanient on mature yet younger operators then the ESRB (or whoever rates the games). If you think the [SAS] is the home for you, send in an app and let the future take it's course.