Britons, Canadian and American snatched from Norwegian rig

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Britons, Canadian and American snatched from Norwegian rig

Six Britons, a Canadian and a US national was kidnapped from the Norwegian oil rig Bulford Dolphin off the Nigerian coast yesterday.

Here is the initial report released to the Oslo stock exchange:

The drilling rig Bulford Dolphin, operated by
Dolphin Drilling Ltd., a subsidiary of Fred.
Olsen Energy ASA, was attacked last night and
eight of the personell on the rig were
kidnapped, out of which one US, one Canadian and
six British citizens. National and other
authorities cooperate in solving the situation.
Bulford Dolphin operates for the Nigerian oil
company Peak Petroleum. The drilling operation
has been temporarily terminated. The incident
has not caused any pollution nor damage on the

And from the BBC:

Lets hope they all get home safely.


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I heard about that. Ill see you in a few days Rouge when u get back Wink

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