The boy and his train

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The boy and his train

One day there was a boy playing with his train that he got for christmas,while his mother was in the kitchen listenin to him...all of a sudden the boy stoped.and said "all you F**** passengers get of the train now and all you other F**** passengers bored the train now cause this is the last round"

his mother was very angry with him and said "we dont use that kind of language in this house now go to your room for 2 hours and stay there"

two hours later the boy comes back and resumes playing with his train all of a sudden it stopped and the boy says "all you passengers who are leaving please take your belonings with you, thankyou for riding with us today and all you passenger who are bording on please put your belongings under your seat thankyou"

his mother begins to smile as how respectful the boy has become but all of a sudden the boy says "and all you passengers who are *ticked* of about that 2 hour delay please see the B**** in the kictchen.


If you notice this notice you will notice that this notice is not a notice.

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Nice story... Blum 3

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