Because tired CiM is bad CiM

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Because tired CiM is bad CiM

Hey, not sure if the folks I was with on the server last night read this forum or not, but in case they do:

Sorry for the silly argument (if you weren't there you didn't miss much) and allowing it to spoil the friendly atmosphere for a few minutes. I realised after those few minutes of pointless back and forth that I was way overtired, could barely form a coherent thought and should have logged off ages ago. And besides, Raven Shield is a terrible place to try and conduct a discussion even if everyone's fully awake and being polite, generous and sympathetic.

So yeah, sorry about that Malty, Grishenko and that other guy with the Vintorez! I hope you kicked tango ass.

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Very cool, CiM

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Hello, Fancy_CiM.

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Keep on rocking and have fun on [SAS]-servers.

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