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bad player

On Feb 6 @ 9:10 US Central time,
a player by the name of Ben did not respect his AoR and when entered other elements AoR, i shot at him due to thinking it was a suspect, injuring him in the leg. At this time he returned fire and killed me and then fired at D0nk3yK0n9. After this a member of my element CRACKER, tked him to protect himself and Shadow. After Ben was killed he immediately dropped from the server. In the server at the time of the incident were myself, D0nk3yk0n9, Shadow, CRACKER, Grey, and one other person.
I request that Admins be on the look out for this player and deal w him how you see fit
Thank you for your time this evening Smile

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Yes i can confirm this. I was entering a room, and the next thing I knew, we were under fire from the rear. Ben killed both Big12 and me before being taken down by CRAKER. Totally ruined the map for us Sad

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Ok guys..good you told us the incident.