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Probably you never know...

Recently i visit Wiki to read that stuff completely... LINK
I wont lie I was intertained. Do you believe it?

Let me comb the hair on each living's leg by being Female, or combine unknown into my shed by being a male. Sounds strange... yeaa... to each normal biological form the stuff like that is sounding like.... personal.

...I know that it is actually cares even polar bears in Antarctica right now, but in this case they wont know that. So... What is your Zodiac ?

Each man has it's own. There is another way to justify Astrology - Create your own. Let me try alright.

Object I can kill: Not any, only Wooden one, Blonds.
Object I cant kill: home telephone, sheep (i just cant), someone who naked, especially the animals.
Things I will never get a try on personal desire: things that hurts.
Thnigs I have tryed already on personal desire: "conspiracy"
To make someone a toy: ...disgusting.
To make a toy: depending if I got lost one.
Imaginary Bright hours: by deflecting a sun light of left hand i am still watching another sun light coming through the fingers...and i cant reply.
Dark hours: Cant paint.
Secrets: Singing, Hairs, unDeclared circumstances.
Lack of intelligence: Friendship, Cats, Distance, Disco, Morning cofee, Salt, Wisdom, Sense of humore.
Hobby: Each one has its own.
Unhobby: Realising what I just have heard.
Real Hobby: As a regular mean person, I like to watch the people inside the Transport. Ps. I believe they looks extremely fair.
What Density makes me think: Mathematics.
What mathematics providing a Density: Each one has its own.
e.g. etc.

Glad Did This. Cheers Smile

By the way me is "RAM". And like the phrase from someone's Wiki's post: "Gem En I"

Any situation has it\'s normal beginning