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I've been seeing some of the MOUT scores in the pic section, and I'm gonna tell ya, your scores can be much higher, not because ability, but because of the way the game loads the targets. The max I've ever seen is 49, but I think they're 52 max. Hitting those with 100% accuracy and getting under a speed of 1 min 40 secs, you can get well into the 20 thousand range. So for people like Merge and Miles I think, you can get higher scores.
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Friggin A I did!!

Feel Free to post your highest scores, fastest times, and whatnot. No pics necessary, I'll believe you, but don't forget your credibility is at stake. :tired:

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An interesting idea Langley. I'll have to give that a try sometime, but me and Spidey and others were being competitive both for speed and score, so that way of doing it seems a little like cheating to me. Which isn't to say that I won't see how it works. :glasses:


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My runs are based on trying to clear rooms as I would in real life, but doing it very quickly and not having 3 others to shoot targets in their AoR's.

Any passing score is fine with me since my main goals were Target ID, Time, and Accuracy.

Was kinda hard to not shoot one prick who looked like he was lobbing a Grenade instead of a rock at me ^_^