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Sgt Eversamann
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In the recent weeks since Sini''s death, may god bless his soul, SAS has been growing rapidly. More and more people are showing up on the servers more frequently, yet most of them have yet to know who Sini is, or how much time he''s put into to help SAS clan become what it is today. Currently, the memorial, and all posts, are posted in the clan announcements. I purpose that we make a seprate page to give credit to Sini and his accomplishments. I was thinking about a little alien figure, with the words "Lest we forget", and taht we put it somewhere noticable, such as next to the home banner, or on the left where all the writing is. This way, someone will see it and wonder what it is. Now when they click on it, it will take them to a whole nother page(still on the sas website) dedicatd to Sini. We can put the poem u guys have when u first enter on the top, and a bunch of posts that people have posted in his memorial thread. We can decorate the page with pictures of Sini, and some of his personal info, so that his legacy lives on in the world of the greatest clan on earth.

I''m not saying get rid of that thread dedicated to him, I''m just saying lets start a page dedicated only to Sini, so that newcomers will know what sacrifices the SAS Legend has made to make this clan what it is today. Biggrin :pimp: :smoke:

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SAS_Wiz:"Why do you retreat?! We are the SAS, we never retreat!"(python entered a room and was mowed down, and I ordered a retreat after getting heavy fire from an unknown location.)