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I think I should have been an engineer. I''m a real thinker. Well I came up with an idea - again. To me, there are more hassles involved in following through with the idea then there are benefits. But still its best if the idea is brought to the attention to everyone.

Currently, we have different ''departments'' or ''divisions'' within the organization. We have the Commanding Officer division (Lt - CO), we have the Training Division (Sgt - RSM), we have the Recruitment Division (LCpl - Cpl), and finally we have the Trooper/Recruit Division (Rct - Trp) - dont know what to really call that. Well I was thinking, what if we had a separate section on the site for each of those divisions. For instance on the navigation window, you can have "Commanding Officer Division", "Training Division", and "Recruitment Division" links. Click on a link and you go to a page that contains recent happenings within that particular division. It is like if you go to a business website and you have the different sections such as "Employment Opportunities" and "Our Services", etc.

On top of that, you could have a GCHQ link in navigation, and a Sabre Squad link that would serve as the same function as the divisional links described above. Click on GCHQ link and it would take you to a page describing the recent developments within GCHQ.

Not only can you put news headlines there, you can include members of that particular division, and have information there related to that division. For instance, in the recruitment division, you could have the information on the selection process. So if a PR goes to the recruitment division page, that PR can find out about recent developments such as recent new members, maybe some tips on how to get recruited quicker than the others, information on how the selection process works, who is part of that division, etc. On the Commanding Officer Division page you can find information on what the COs are currently thinking about, what projects are currently in development, what kinds of medals and awards are available, etc. Also in each division, you can have information on and access to the various reports. Like PRs need to send reports to all the LCpl and Cpls right? Well you could create a form in the recruitment division that allows them to fill out a form and send it to each LCpl and Cpl. Easy! (at least for the PR). Some of the current links on the navigation section could be moved into each division. Like the "Tactics" link could be moved into the Training Division page.

Now, for each division there would be a division head. The Commanding Officer division head would be the CO. The head of the Training Division would be the the RSM. The head of the Recruitment Division would be a designated Cpl, or a Master Corporal which I believe has been proposed and is in the works. These divisional heads would be responsible for everything that goes on in that department, nothing new there. However, they would also be responsible for either updating their webpage(s) themselves, or creating the data that is to be placed on the page and send to Moe or Sini or whoever is in charge of the site as a whole.

I see benefits from this, and I see disadvantages. The benefits are that our site may look more professional and business-like. I don''t know if business-like is the style we want, but maybe it would look more professional. This also allows quick and easy access to information and news. Yes something could be posted in the forum, but then it could be elaborated on and kept up to date in the appropriate division. Like if an idea was proposed in the forum, then the idea would be placed in the appropriate division page. There it would be kept up to date on its progress. It would have to be easier to find than in the forum. I mean in the forum sometimes in can be difficult to find a particular topic because there are so many posts or there are so many different forums. But in a particular divisional page of the site, you would be able to easilly find what your looking for. That would have to require good organizational skills and innovation. Hey that sounds like me!

The disadvantages I see currently is that for starters, it really is not necessary. We currently keep up to date on information and happenings mainly in the forum. So the entire idea may not be worth the time to follow through on. Hmmm I think that is all the disadvantages actually.

If you think it should be implemented, I can send something to the appropriate persons describing this in more detail and in a formal manner.

On an unrelated subject:

Also, Test Two is up in the Training Section of the forum. I see there werent many views of the topic so far. Either because noone is interested, or noone has had the time yet, or noone realized it was up! But it is up for those that like to take them tests!