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Please allow me the honour to introduce to you our newest Member.... Trooper Count.

He did an outstanding job on his tryout scoring a very nice 99%. His dynamic map was perfect.... way to go.

He has worked long and hard for this achievment and I think he has definately earned his membership tags....

Nice Job Count.... Keep it up... and help train those remaining recruits.....

Special note of thanks goes out to Centurion for Assisting and playing RG. Also to both Blade and Viper for doing an awesome job in monitoring and observing. Lastly thanks to all for being a good sounding board when it comes time to score the performance.

When we work effectively as a team... these are the calibre of members we create.... thank you all.

Count dont forget you can now get your [SAS] Count in the forums..... congrats again pal.

[color=yellow][SAS] 22nd E.V.R. - SAS_VET_EN4CER /[color] Virtus Disciplina Unitas