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I was sitting on my friends computer, trying to beat the evil thing called spyware & adware that has infected his computer. Basically, to sum up how he got it, his sister decided install some apps that kinda spread. After my friend got pissed of at it, he called me and invited me over for Gran Turismo 4.

After about 2 hours, I had gained little ground. Ad-Aware & SpySweeper didn''t do enough, I''m no pro using HijackThis and manual cleaning was taking me too long. Registry entries suck, and I''ve never used Regsvr32 to un-register .dll''s before. I decided to just google all the spyware apps that took over, just to see EXACTLY what I had to get rid of. Or maybe find some quick fix. As I searched, this pop-up comes up.


Now, I''m not sure, but whoever decided to get a domain of ad-w-a-r-e.com, isn''t too bright. I just laughed for a few minutes and decided to take a screenshot of it. If only all pop-up''s could make my life this easy. Instead of YOUR THE 1,000,000 VISITOR, have it say, we''re going to bombard you with SPAM and ad-ware when you download our software and give us your e-mail address.

And as a final note:
His computer is still crapped out, and I got sick of trying to get rid of the more stubborn apps, so I gave up. I wasn''t getting paid for it anyway.