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Hello all [SAS] members.

It''s your old pal Fury. For those of you who don''t know me, good, you don''t want to. For those unfortunate enough to know who I am, well, you''ll be sad to hear that I''m now playing a lot of SWAT 3. Yes, I have my grades in order, and my priorities straight for the first time in a long time. I just came in to see how you all are doing, and to say hi to all my old friends. I know some of you have seen me on TeamSpeak in the SWAT channel. And I get very lonely in there. Someone say "Hi", please?

So, how have you all been doing? Anyone that rivals my n00bism? Any great server stories that just have to be told? To be honsest, I haven''t done much myself.

Just so you all know, I usually am in the [PARA] Room, if its up, or "Serious Coop".

Nice talking to you all again.